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A monster in Paris


“A monster in Paris” is the first project I worked on after school. I was so lucky to join a team of amazing artists on an incredibly ambitious and beautiful film. There were A LOT of ups and downs during this production, and in the end the film didn’t meet our initial expectations, mainly due to budget and organizational issues. It was however a great learning experience for me. I still hope to see a fully realized project with a french touch like this one.

This is a poster I worked on with Aurélien Prédal, layout by Sébastien Piquet.

All images © Bibo films / Europacorp

Paris -1910


The great flood of Paris in 1910 is a big part of the story. This is one of the development images I worked on, trying to capture an authentic vision of Paris at the time, not an idealized tourist version of Paris.

Character color models

Working with line drawings from the character designers, I painted these color models with as much volume and material information as possible. The idea was for modelers and shading artists to have a clear image of what to go for. I find that there is often a big loss of character in going from a 2d design to a 3d model…



Design by Annette Marnat


Design by Olivier Delabarre


Design by Zoltan Maros


Design by Olivier Delabarre


Design by Olivier Delabarre


Design by Sylvain Deboissy


Design by Zébé


Design by Sylvain Deboissy


Design by Zoltan Maros


Design by Annette Marnat


Design by Aurélie Blard-Quintard

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